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Aerial Hoop | Lyra

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This Lyra feels fantastic to use! This Lyra is perfect for everyone from those just starting out to professionals, the hoop is hollow, light, and moves effortlessly with the performer. They have been designed for safety and are ideal for controlled spins and intricate choreography.

We prefer Tab-less Single Point Lyras, they are ideal for top bar tricks as there is no tab or steel rigging right above the Lyra to pinch, bruise or get snagged on and if required they can be hung from a low ceiling with a short sling. With a grip size of 25mm they are the industry standard grip size for Single Point competition and performance Lyras.

So you can start training right away we pre-tape the Lyra before shipping.


What size do I need?


Most adults will prefer the 900mm hoop as it is the industry standard size. For smaller Aerialists and children 800mm is recommended as it makes reaching to either side of the Lyra easier. The Double Point Lyra comes in the 950mm - Large size only.


Rigging options:


Our Rigging Kits contain heavy-duty industrial and climbing rated, EN Certified or Load Tested rigging hardware.

The Swivel Connect Kit for Single Point Lyra includes:

  • 1x Swivel
  • 2x Auto-Locking Steel Carabiners
  • 1x Black Padded Roundsling 1m

This is a complete Lyra setup - ready to hang and start performing. For your convenience all Lyra with rigging will come with the rigging hardware pre-installed!


More about the Lyra:


All our Lyra are made from Stainless Steel. The grip size is 25mm for the 800mm and 900mm and 32mm for the 950mm Double Point. These Lyra are perfect for performance, tricks, and drops, we have selected these high performance Lyra as their medium weight of 3kg tends to leave less bruising.

All our Lyra have a WLL (Working Load Limit) of 200kg.

Always use a safety mat when practicing Aerials!


We have 100% confidence that you will love our Aerial Equipment. All our equipment has been selected for safety and performance. We aim to provide the best possible customer service, please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance - we're here to help!



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