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Lyra, Trapeze, Rope & Net

Aerial Hoop | Lyra
From $350.00
Aerial Nets
From $330.00

Accessories & Rigging Kits

Rigging Kits
From $80.00
Silky Lyra Strop
From $225.00

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Aerial Apparel & Costumes

Handmade costumes designed specifically for aerial arts.
Sky Dancer Costumes
Regular price$450.00
Sky Dancer Costumes
Golden Leopard
Regular price$310.00
Sky Dancer Costumes
Queen of Heart
Regular price$310.00
Sky Dancer Costumes
Candy Floss Circus
Regular price$310.00


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14m - Aerial Silks - Various Colours
Regular price$465.00$330.00

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