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The Aerial Silks Australia Story


Welcome to Aerial Silks Australia. We are a family business based in Australia and New Zealand working from our friendly Queenstown studio workshop. We are professionals aerialists and instructors, we 100% stand behind our product and use them in our own studio.

Since founding we have supplied some of the most prominent Aerials studios in New Zealand and Australia, in Late 2019 we decided that home Aerial Silks athletes should also have access to our great products and prices!

With our stringent commitment to quality and desire to offer you the best aerials equipment, we offer the most competitive prices in the industry while having simply the best Aerials products available online anywhere.

We sell products that are above the quality found in other Australian online Aerials stores and sell them at extremely competitive prices. Our workshop is certainly ‘no frills’ which allows us to sell to you at a lower cost than you would find elsewhere.

We take our product quality very seriously so you can be assured that:

  • Our stock is fresh and recently produced
  • Genuine Nylon Tricot Fabric
  • Safety certified and tested rigging components
  • Packaged and delivered in perfect condition
  • The same high quality we offer to high-end Aerials Studios

We know that a lot of orders will be bought as first-time orders from us and so we make sure that our delivery and returns policies are designed to look after the customer. If you have any issues with your order, please let us know and we will go the next mile to help you out.

Aerial Silks Australia - Aerial Silks Ltd is GST registered in New Zealand.

Have a question, an issue with your order, or you just want to say hello? hello@aerialsilks.com.au

Office hours: AEST 9:00am - 3:00pm Monday to Friday

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